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About this Website - This website was conceived and designed by its author to foster awarness of Flag Day in general and the local Kiwanis-Sunnyside Flag Day Parade in particular which has become a long standing tradition in the Sunnyside Queens community of New York City. While this website features the local Kiwanis Club of Sunnyside sponsored Flag Day parade, this website is not an official website of the Kiwanis Club of Sunnyside, nor of Kiwanis International. To contact the sponsors of this parade, the parade chairman, or the author/designer-developer of this website use the contact page and make the appropriate selection (webmaster or parade chairman) when subnmitting an email, or use the link to the official Kiwanis-Sunnyside website for contacting kiwanis-Sunnyside directly.

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This website highlights the annual Kiwanis-Sunnyside Flag Day Parade event, the prime sponsor being the Kiwanis-Sunnyside Club of Sunnyside Queens, NYC (for information about the local Kiwanis-Sunnyside Club of Sunnyside Queens NYC; contact Kiwanis-Sunnyside at the telephone and address, or official website indicated on the Contact page. Please note that this website is not an official website of Kiwanis-Sunnyside, or Kiwanis International and makes no representations as such. Information on activities or content shown within this website pertaining to Kiwanis or any local Kiwanis Club(s), including other organizations or individuals shown or referred to in this website, has either been provided by those organizations or individuals, or has been obtained from publicly available material and is included within this website with or without their knowledge as a courtesy because of their participation or association with the annual Kiwanis-Sunnyside Flag Day Parade, and for informational purposes to the general public and the local community at large.

Intellectual Property - Unless indicated otherwise, ownership of this website, and all content, such as text, graphics, audio, music, video, images, and other presentational elements, domain name, and their associated intellectual rights remain with the author of the website. Other elements of this website may be in the public domain or fall under the Creative Commons License and made available for public or commercial use, but authorship and intellectual property rights remains with their original author(s) and is subject to their respective license stipulations. No portions of this website may be reproduced either in part or in whole by any means without express written permission from the author. If you wish to obtain persmission for any reason contact the author via this website's Contact page and select "Webmaster" as the recipient of your email being certain to include your email address within the comments section. If you feel certain content provided within this website viloates a copyright or right-to-use you should contact the website author/webmaster using the contact form and provide associated information for review. Alternatively, you may send a letter via USPS (United States Postal Service) addressed to "Webmaster", Kiwanic Club of Sunnyside, P.O.Box 4561, Sunnyside NY 11104.

Use of the site - Information provided within this website is provided "as-is" and without warranty or applicability for any particular purpose. It is up to you to determine the applicability of the information provided. While reasonable care has been excercised in the collection of the information provided in this website, the author cannot be held liable for inaccuracies of any information provided herein. If you find inaccuracies with any information on this website you are encouraged to provide updated information to the author who will review it and at the author's sole discretion provide updated information. In all cases, your sole recourse is to stop using this site. You can contact the author via this website's Contact page and select "Webmaster" as the recipient of your email and be certain to include your email address within the comments section if you require a response back to you.

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Contact Page - For convenience, this website provides a contact form to submit your comments or questions about the parade to the Parade Chairman or questions about the website to the website's creator and webmaster. When submitting your question or comments, as an option, you may select to have a copy of your submission sent back to you: If you select this option your will be required to provide the email address to send the copy to. Similarly, if you ask a question and expect a reply you will need to provide a contact email in the comments section of the form. Failure by you to provide an email address to receive a response to a question shall not consititute a liability for this website or its author/webmaster of any sponsors of this parade or any participants. This website does not collect, store, or compile, or sell email addresses when an email is entered into the contact page either for copy-back purposes or to provide an answer to a question and is only used for the purpose intended. By using the contact form and providing an email address you automatically provide permission to use the email address for the intended purpose. When an email address is submitted through this website for the purposes of being contacted or to respond to a question, either the Parade Chairman, Webmaster, or other indiividual may keep the email for reference purposes. In addition, a submitted email may be forwarded or shared with one or more 3rd parties as necessary to provide a response back to the submitter.

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